Call for Applications TFAC Residency London 2019

We are delighted to be able to invite all Art Academies in The Netherlands & Belgium to propose two of their students to participate in our 2019 Residency Programme in London. The programme is an exclusive opportunity for talented art students to work independently in a fully facilitated studio, where they can work on a special project, or further explore their own creative process. A period where they can focus, without distraction. We are looking for students who are willing and able to fully exploit the possibilities of this Residency.

On this page you will find all the required information and instructions concerning applications.

Residency 2019

Each year, The Fine Art Collective offers an exclusive residency in our Griffin Gallery in London. Through this residency, we enable the selected student artist to experience what it’s like to live and work in London for the period of one month. This residency is especially intended to allow the student artist to realise a project or conduct research that, in many cases, would not be possible in their own studio.

This year’s Residency will take place in Studio 2 of The Studio Building (21 Evesham Street, London, W11 4AJ) in October 2019. In addition to over 32 m2 of studio space, this address is also home to the curators of the Elephant West Galery and a laboratory for innovation and development – in which six chemists are working on new fine-art materials – as well as the headquarters of Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Conté à Paris.

The residency includes:

Round-trip travel from the Netherlands to London

Accommodations will be provided by ACAVA at 62 Hetley Road, London. This is a self-contained, one-bedroom flat located in a complex that includes studio spaces for artists.

Mentorship programme
A mentorship programme with a professional artist is available through ACAVA. This artist mentor will take the selected resident to visit galleries and meet other artists, while also acting as a general guide and first point of contact for the duration of the resident’s stay in London.

Costs of living

Based on the winning project plan the associated materials will be selected from the product ranges of the sponsor brands.


Applications to take part in the TFAC Residency will be accepted exclusively in addition with a recommendation from the art education programme in which the candidate is currently enrolled. A lecturer, coordinator, dean or director of studies from a Bachelor, Master or post-academic art education programme in the Benelux region may nominate a suitable candidate.

Students may contact these potential references and request to be put forward as a candidate. The reference will nominate a candidate by email, attaching two images of relevant work by the student in question. Each institute may submit a maximum of two nominations.

Nomination may be submitted by email till June 6 to:

Selection process

An expert jury will deliberate, in two rounds, to select the most suitable artist from among all the applications received.

  • First Round
  • The first round will involve a maximum of 24 students. All proposed students will be asked by email to apply with a first brief written project plan and motivation. After the initial selection by the jury these 24 applications will yield a shortlist of five students.
  • The deadline for sending in first round applications is June 28.
  • Second Round | Top 5
  • These five students will be informed of the preliminary selection by email. Here they will be asked to elaborate their initial project plan. Provide further information on their work and motivation regarding their intended use of the residency.
  • The deadline for submitting this information is August 27
  • Final Selection
  • The jury will announce the final selection on September 10


  1. Call for the Residency…………………..May 3
  2. Publish Residency Call on website……May 7
  3. Deadline Academy nominations………Jun 6
  4. Deadline Student Applications………..Jun 28
  5. Jury Selection top 5 students………….Jul 9
  6. Request extended Project Plans………Jul 11
  7. Deadline Extended Project Plans………Aug 27
  8. Jury Selection Winning student……….Sep 10



Applications will be evaluated by a jury consisting of:

  • Juan Bolivar | Visual Artist | Curator | UK
  • Lennaert Koorman | Resident Artist | The Fine Art Collective Benelux | NL
  • Robert Rost | Manager of The Fine Art Collective Benelux | Resident Artist | NL
  • Stephanie Nebbia | Head of Global TFAC | Curator | Visual Artist | UK
  • Mathew Gibson | Residency Coordinator Elephant & TFAC | Visual Artist | UK

Residency Project Specifications Round 1

All project applications must include the following elements:
Recommendation/nomination from art school reference
Information on work and motivation
Project plan
Typed. For the first round, this should be brief and to-the-point. For the second round, you should deepen your plan and include more detail.
Visual project plan
Attached images of submitted artwork (full-colour, jpeg format). No less than two and no more than four works, which should demonstrate artistic skill and merit.
• Artist’s statement
Typed (100-200 words); should describe the submitted work, along with a clear outline of the student’s ambitions for their career.
• Student’s curriculum vitae
Typed, no more than 1 A4 page or 600 words max. Must include name, email, address, telephone number, name of school and programme, academic year and preferred media.

Applications should be submitted by email to:

Please be aware that:

All proposals should be in English.
Written and Visual project plans should be presented in PDF format.
PDF’s may not exceed 7MB.
Applications Round 1 must be received before or on June 28th 2019.

Residency Project Specifications Round 2 | Top 5

All extended project applications must include the following elements:

Final Project plan
For the second round, please elaborate on the project plan you submitted for the first round. Both visually and textually, this extended version should be more substantial and rich in detail.

Lab request
In the event the student wishes to make use of the expertise offered by the chemists in the lab next door, he or she should clearly indicate and describe this request in advance.

Submit your final project plan by email to:

Please be aware that:

All proposals should be in English.
Written and Visual project plans should be presented in PDF format.
PDF’s may not exceed 7MB.
Final Project Plans must be received before or on August 27th 2019.

Conditions of participation

  1. 1.This Residency Call is open to all students who are enrolled in a visual arts – or design programme at a Bachelor, Master or Post-Academic art education programme in the Benelux region.
  2. 2. The academy of the winning student will organize a short exhibition where the concerned student get’s to show his or her work, harvested during the residency.
  3. 3. Students applying for the TFAC Residency must be members of The Fine Art Collective. Students can subscribe for free on this website:

If you should encounter any problems in submitting the application online or via email, please contact with a brief description of your question or issue. We will then provide assistance as soon as possible.


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