Lisette van Hoogenhuyze|Winner Residency London 2019

The winner of The Fine Art Collective Residency Final 2019 is:

Lisette van Hoogenhuyze | HKU – University of the Arts Utrecht

We would like to congratulate Lisette with this great opportunity! The jury is very enthusiastic about her qualities and talent as a visual artist, her clear way of communicating in both her work and her inspired and highly motivated project plan. Some remarks from the jury about Lisette:

“She presents herself with a very mature project plan that communicates a confident, playful and authentic written- and visual language.”

“Her imagery is Bold, Fun and has a sense of humour and lightness which would bring a joy and personality to this project through a novel approach to ideas of ‘expanded’ painting.”

“She combines a serious painting practice with a playful artist statement. Has a ton of talent, a very strong motivation and determination.”   

We wish Lisette a wonderful time in London!

We want to thank you all for your contribution, great effort and enthusiasm with which you have participated in this pitch. And please do feel invited to take part again next year. We would also like to thank all art academies, coordinators and subject teachers for nominating remarkably talented students.

Kind Regards,

The Fine Art Collective | Team Benelux


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