Wouter Tulp | Plein Air Clinic | TRAC 2018 | May 2nd

This is your chance to attend a lesson delivered by Wouter Tulp!

On the 2th of may Wouter Tulp will deliver a plein air session for The Fine Art Collective at The Representational Art Conference 2018 at Leeuwarden.

An unique opportunity to be able to learn from the skills of Wouter Tulp.

Famous for his outstanding character designs and illustrations, portraits and caricatures, but also a brilliant landscape painter.

During this plein air clinic, Wouter will share his understandings and insight on the choices an artist has to make while making plain air sketches.

During the clinic you will be working with Designers Gouache. A very practical material with as well opaque as transparent properties, which can be used to create atmospherical sketches to be used as studies creating endworks in the studio,



Maashaven Rotterdam, Gouache on paper, Wouter Tulp


Via various assignments, which will support your decisions on composition, tonevalue, colour and subject, you will get more grip on this genre.


If you would like to apply for a free ticket:

1. you have to be a member of The Fine Art Collective. If you are not a member yet, you can easily subscribe at our website filling in the form at the right top.

2. You have to be a student at one of the bachelor art academy studies in Benelux.

3. Send an email to  info@thefineartcollective.nl and add a motivation describing why you should be the one receiving the free ticket.



From all entries The Fine Art Collective will choose three most dedicated and suited motivations which will be receiving a free ticket for the clinic by Wouter Tulp.

Application will close at monday 30th of April at 12.00 hr

Winners will be contacted at tuesday 1th of May.




I tell stories…’

A succesful drawing tells a story. I always ask myself : What is it I want to tell with this drawing, and how can I be as clear as possible. Every element in the drawing should be supporting the story.
There is a story in a traditional portrait, a children’s book illustration, as well as a cartoon character or a background design for an animation.
Over the years I told many stories in magazines, books, commercials and animations.

​Wouter Tulp